What is a wart?

A wart is a hard, callous thickening of the epidermis in the form of a crude cauliflower-like bulge. In itself harmless, but can be ugly and very contagious. Half of all warts disappear spontaneously within one or two years.

What causes warts?
Warts and children

There are many types of warts. Still there is only a small amount of warts that frequents. The most common are an ordinary wart and the verruca.

An ordinary wart
A Verruca 
Filiform wart
A water wart

If you want to stop warts from spreading, choose for treatment.

1 Home treatment
2 Do I need to consult my General Practitioner

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Filiform Wart (Verruca filiformis)

Filiform Wart on the eyelid
  • Especially in the face: on children usually on the lips, nose or eyelids
  • Actually a variant of the ordinary wart, in the shape of thick wire or a stalk.

Be careful:
Never self treat! Seek medical advice from your General Practitioner or a dermatologist if you want treatment for this wart.